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Physician Portal
Access Request
Methodist Healthcare System Physician Portal Access Request
Please supply your contact information below and indicate which application you wish to access. A Physician Support Analyst will contact you to collect any additional details and let you know the status of your request.
* Fields marked with an asterisk are required.
* First Name: 
* Last Name: 
* Email: 
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* Practice Name: 
How would you like to access your patients' information?
Physicians' Portal
[Permits access to multiple applications from a single interface]
Remote access
[Please select one or both of the choices below]
  Remote access software installation kit
[Allows access from home/office]
  PGN Wireless Network
[Allows access from your laptop to clinical applications within the hospital]
For which of these applications would you like to have an account?
Meditech    PACS    CV PACS    MUSE [EKG Strips]    OB Link
I prefer to be contacted via:
  Email    Phone    Fax
Please fill in the contact information as requested above. A Physician Support Analyst will contact you as soon as possible to coordinate setup of your Physician Portal / Physician Guest Network access account and answer any questions you may have.
Physician Support: 210-575-0142 PACS Support: 210-575-0660
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