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MHS Bed Request
Install Instructions:

A. Click on the MHS Bed Request Shortcut, select Run/Open.

B. If you receive a Security Warning pop-up, allow the file to Run/Run Anyway.

C. Shortcut will create on your Desktop; you will receive a message on your desktop.

D. Click “Ok” to close the window.

A. Click on the MHS Bed Request Icon to download the shortcut icon.

B. Window prompt to Open or Save, select Save.

C. The file will save into your Downloads Folder, and then close all windows.

D. Right click on the MHS Bed Request Shortcut, select Properties, Web Document Tab, and Change Icon.

E. Browse to your Downloads Folder, and select the MHSBEDREQ.ico file, click on Open, then click Ok. Then Click Ok to close the Properties window.

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